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The company "KOLIOS", dealing with the trade and processing of marbles, granites and rocks, started in 1964 and continues its work consistently with the client until today.

The long experience in marble and stone, the serious infrastructure, the seriousness, the professionalism and the emergence of decorative rocks at an exhibition of 700sq.m. Through the presentation of integrated applications and solutions are the best guarantees for the continuation of the upward course of the business.

In our company you will find a wide range of products for:

Floors (cut and irregular)
Investments (stone-built, lids, dredges etc.)
Swimming pools
Artworks (mosaics, troughs, columns, statues, fountains, carved)

In the field of stone, the company specializes in Syrian and Egyptian rocks, in special constructions such as columns, columns, taps, floor tiles and linings.

Visit our report that you will definitely find the best decorative proposal for your space.