Port St. Laurent

Port St. Laurent

This semi-precious black copper marble with a dark brown to black base with white and golden characteristics is known as Port Saint Laurent Marble and is quarried in Morocco.

In contrast to the beautiful crystal black background that serves as the foundation for the Port Saint Laurent stone slabs, its vivid veins outstand and disclose its beauty. 

The most renowned interior designers and architects in the sectors of luxury living use it in exquisite decor applications and natural stone floorings, making Port Saint Laurent the flagship material for their creations. 

This marble’s earthy and neutral colors will bring elegance and sophistication to any design and is used to highlight some of the most spectacular architectural structures.

Such strong is this marble’s personality, that pairing it with a complementary backsplash a homeowner can produce elaborate works of art without possessing an interior design or art degree.

Other names for it are Nero Portoro Saint Laurent Marble, Marmo, Port Laurent Marble, and, of course, Port St. Laurent available from our business in all kinds of finishes and cuts.   

This intriguing marble is excellent for interior and exterior design projects in addition to building stone countertops, bathrooms, works of art like sculptures, pool surrounds, arches, and decorative stone applications. It is also preferred  to create impressive furniture style objects, such as a marble set of a dinning table with chairs.  

All types of finishes are available for Port Saint Laurent, including polished, flamed, bush hammered, tumbled, brushed, honed, split, machine cut, natural surface, acid washed, combed, leathered, water jet, filled, chiseled, pickled, and more.

You will find Porto Saint Laurent to inspire cooking spaces, social gathering spaces, cafes, art galleries and, of course, private houses. Its aesthetics and colours make it ideal to use for interior decoration in bathrooms, kitchens, and any space seeking to reflect the sense of luxury without any compromises that could put in stake its durability and classical beauty.