Travertino Nocce

Travertino Nocce

Travertine Nocce as its name points out (Night in Italian), is the dark variation of Travertine, the warm-toned natural stone which dates back to ancient times and was used to build large structures with momumental characteristics like public buildings, palaces and temples. 

The surface of the stone, also known as travertine limestone or travertine marble, is naturally carved with troughs and gaps. It is taupe in color, brown throughout, and porous. This natural stone exhibits the strengths of alike materials carved by nature, amplified by its gorgeous appearance, a result of its varied composition, and the uncommon tonalities that illuminate it.

Our business has chosen to promote Turkish Travertine Noche because it is more plentiful, dense, of the greatest quality, and has the widest spectrum of hues than any other type of travertine found anywhere in the globe, including Peru, Mexico, and Italy.

Many successful commercial floor and wall projects feature travertines but these particular travertines are more resistant to extensive deterioration than other sorts because of their density and lack of significant cavities.

Did you know that Travertine is naturally porous and has a high friction surface that lends a great anti-slip property. The antique look which comes from its roughness, makes Travertine tiles and pavers appropriate for use in pool surrounds and wet places.