Private Residence Varkiza

The huge glass surfaces allow the light to penetrate every glimpse in the interior of this intimate house and create contrast with its outer skeleton, inspired by the magnificent buildings and monuments of the Hellenistic times.

The challenge was to combine the impressive glass surfaces which may expose privacy and cause awkwardness when stand alone, with the appropriate stone applied in both the exterior and interiors, in a way that would satisfy the vision of the owner and the plan of the architect whose goal is to give the house a harmonious modern aesthetic in total.

For the outdoor spaces, warm Menia marbles were selected in earthy tones and various textures, patterns and cuts depending on the scope of application (walls, fronts, floors, and so on).

For the interior, impressively dark marbles of the Emperador quality were selected that capture the light in combination with beautiful bright polished Calacatta plates that in turn reflect the light.

The cubic geometry of the spacious interiors, the pompous helical ladder and the solid round columns are reflected on the marble surfaces with the natural and artificial light succeeding each other. The design lines stand out ideally and the challenge is met in the most ideal way.

The marble with the unique property of genuine and pure natural stone it possesses, is placed artistically in space, begins to emit the personality of its owner and brings the conscious load it carries from the depths of the earth before the eyes of the man who experience empirically a daily life that puts him effortlessly in the role of the enchanted spectator.

The result is the creation of spaces with the characteristics of a constantly evolving work of art, where the structural surfaces interact with light and ultimately with life itself, habitation becomes a ritual, quality enjoyment obtains meaningful content and life becomes purposeful.

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  • Size

    > 300 m2

  • Architect

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  • Marbles

    Menia, Calacata, Emperador