The well-known “David” sculpture by Michelangelo was carved from marble. His journeys in quest of the best marble a man can find has led him to discover the quarries of North Toscane. Since then, many designers and artists have employed the famous marbles of that region. One of the priciest marble varieties in the world is called Calacatta and can only be found at the Apua Alps, in Carrara, North Toscane, Italy.

Calacatta Marble is unique in that there is only one quarry in Carrara, that produces this magnificent stone. The extraction of Calacatta Marble from this quarry, is regulated and strictly controlled. Weather factors also have an impact on output because Carrara’s mountaintop quarrying can be a rather demanding challenge, especially during the coldest winter months. These two elements contribute to the price and scarcity of this amazing natural stone. But it is much more than the rarity of Calacatta that drive up its cost.

The thick, dramatic veining of Calacatta Marble makes it stand out from any other marble in this world. Calacatta is defined by having fewer, more prominent, and unstructured veins than other marbles which come from same region, but have an abundance of soft veins.

The calming tones of its white background, the incredible veining, and its chromatic pallet of whites, make it the holy grail of designers and architects worldwide. The whiter the background, the more expensive and desirable these marbles get. 


Other white marbles might have so many veins that there is no particular pattern to work with in a design, while Calacatta’s unique appearance thanks to its efficient iridescence, makes it an ideal fit to projects where bookmatching is on the top of list in order to elevate them into the ultimate natural works of art.

Since Calacatta marble is a luxury stone and was first introduced to us by Michelangelo, it is frequently used in prime locations where more human eyes cn en.   For instance, corporate headquarters commonly have entrances  with Calacatta Marble flooring. Nevertheless Calacatta Marble slabs and tiles are indicated for many indoor applications where luxury is essential, including kitchen counters and backsplashes. Today’s elegant residences and executive executive offices both have picked surfaces crafted with Calacatta marble.

Did you know? There is an even more precious line coming from the same quarry. Calacatta Gold, with its famous grey and gold lines is much more rare to find and it is treated as a material that addresses to passionate art collectors. No wonder why this marble is so special, when it comes from such a special region. Because of their special size, volume and looks, Apuan mountains are called Alps, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with them as they are part of the Apennine mountain range.

Our company has full access to the qyarry and the experience required so that together with the architect and the space designer we will choose the appropriate Calacatta, the cut, the finish and above all the pattern that will best highlight the use for which the customer will choose it but also highlight the stone itself which is in itself a unique work of art.