Specialized stone dealers with 50 years of experience in the craft of marble.

Our stone is minted from carefully chosen quarries around the globe and transported to our facilities for distribution until being sent out throughout Greece. In order for your project to be flawless in terms of beauty, practicality, and cost, we want to make it simple for you to receive high quality stones at the best price and with no minimum or maximum amount you are obliged to buy.


First Step

Define the Problem


Second Step

Brainstorm + Analyze


First Step

Develop A solution

We collaborate with architects & designers, in the most demanding projects.

We love to take the call. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and long experience in the art of stone which is constantly renewed and evolving from generation to generation. We guarantee not only that you will get exactly what you requested, but also the overall management from transport and delivery, to the final application in the field for an impeccable aesthetic result.

Passion with Vision and a Mission.

Our daily dealing with stone over the past 5 decades has taught us a lot. The most important thing is that the beauty and characteristics of a stone alone, are not enough to bring the desired effect. The ability to first understand exactly what the customer wants is a requisite. We put our passion for the stone at the service of the buyer. Our vision is all about creation.The construction of a world that will reconnect human nature with real life. Our mission is to remain a pioneer in expanding the scope of natural mineral resources, steadily enriching the choices modern man has, and which enable the living experience of the splendor of Mother Earth in our daily lives.