Blue Onyx

Blue Onyx

Onyx is a well-known gemstone for a number of reasons, including its color, rarity, and brilliance. It is a semiprecious stone made up of contrasting parallel bars of beautiful colors.

This stone has been around for an incredibly long time and was used as a sign of elevated social status by the Greeks and Romans. Onyx marble is one of the most expensive and exclusive semiprecious stones.
One of the most popular Onyx stones, is Blue Onyx.

It boasts a wide variety of vivid, dramatic hues and excellent refinement. This décor gives a trendy yet wonderful touch to the overall appearance of the spaces it fills with its magnificent presence.

It has a strong sky blue background base and orange, white, and soft yellow veins, patterns, and texture that simulate the flames of fire.

A fascinating quality of onyx is its lack of opacity. Especially blue Onyx marble makes a great for to artistic or lighting applications, like an illuminated wall or surface that reveals and emphasizes the patterns.

We apply the Blue Onyx with knowledge of the impact on the final result caused by the differences already in its cutting and final finish, with the ultimate goal of perfect installation and fit, even in the most demanding projects.

After the initial application, we will make sure the installed stone receives all the attention needed in order to keep it preserved, in excellent condition so that it can continue to show its wonderful features, as it has done since the first day it saw the sunlight in one of the quarries we have chosen for its supply, in order for you to get it exactly as you have imagined it from the first moment, and even better.

Did you know?
Onyx is a gemstone that is relatively rare in nature. It is a striped, semiprecious agate with stripes that alternate its behaviour and develop its personality depending on the interaction with both artificial and natural day or moon light.