Αιγυπτιακό Menia

Egyptian Menia

Menia marbles are quarried exclusively in Egypt. Τhey owe their name to the mines located in the area the Governorate of El – Menia. Their excellent quality is due to their low absorbency and high hardness.

Their unique texture is the basis for a perfect polishing. At the same time, Menia is also friendly to any other treatment that marble stones can undergo (matte, antique, brushed, beaten, etc.).

The possibility of obtaining many textures from a single material, of a single shade (beige), offers a wide field for creative applications of high aesthetics, in a multitude of construction works thus makeing it synonymous with luxury at an affordable price.

Their easy maintenance combined with their superior quality ensure that they will be enjoyed for many years by both its owners and their heirs.