Pink Onyx

Pink Onyx

Onyx is a gorgeous, translucent, natural stone. It has become popular because of its high levels of transparency compared to more ordinary marbles and stones alike.

It comes in a wide range of colours including white, green, yellow, blue, black and of course pink.

Pink in particular with its delicate and calm appearance, is primarily utilised in residential settings and is frequently used to provide a smooth and reflective foundation finish to your interior and outdoor space.

Known also as Lady Onyx Pink marble this marble brings a deeper distinct yet discrete sense of femininity in your space. It is bold beautiful, intensively attractive but in the same time it brings a feel of affectionism and warmth in the residential atmosphere. With its lovely light-colored, pinkish appearance, this marble will enhance the opulent appeal of both your interiors and exteriors.

Pink Onyx Marble comes in a wide range of cuts and dimensions. There are several uses for these stones, including wall cladding and flooring applications. Its ability to let the light pass through as well as to reflect it, makes them ideal choices for numerous decorative projects, while its unique vein patterns of pale pink green and whites, add a touch of elegance to your home. One of the most unique and stylish uses for onyx these days is for tabletops.

Our business offers a wide selection of Pink Onyx texture and pattern options available and ready to match and upgrade the existing architectural elements of your home’s design. The right choice of a Pink Onyx marble, will surely enhance and revamp your property’s entire appearance.

Did you know?
For ages, Pink Onyx has been prized and traded as a semiprecious stone throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Pink Onyx is frequently used to make jewellery until nowadays.