Nero Marquina marble is a top quality, black limestone extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain. This marble has gained recognition worldwide due to its beautiful black color that it gets from naturally-occurring bitumen.

Its deep black backdrop with a delicate contrast of bright white veining creates a monochromatic decoration pattern that turns it instantly into a timeless decor. It has a very fine and compact grain that scatters across its black background and white veins, creating a sense of abundance.

The overall look of its base resembles a dark night sky illuminated randomly by special bright white veins and fossils. Calcite is the main mineral of this rock, present in 98%.

One of the most internationally recognized black marbles, both majestic and practical in equal measure, and surely one of the most important marbles from Spain, Nero Marquina remains a true designer’s friend.

It enjoys the appreciation from architects and interior designers thanks to its versatile applicability in flooring and wall covering from high-end residences and the luxury hotel sector to single-use when a particular element needs that special highlight and finds its way into use including commercial, restaurants & bars, kitchens, as well as in highlighting single elements such as fireplaces and even decorate outdoors with its magnificent solid slabs.  

The Nero Marquina works beautifully in bathrooms and can be used as tiles and large plates to cover walls and floors when the challenge is to make an aesthetic statement of intense contrast,  by combining the initial surprise brought on by the impression made by its photogenic – despite its darkness – effect, with the tranquility triggered by its doric style overall simplicity.